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3 important pages before applying to make money with Google AdSense

Hello geeks .. I know everyone wait to jump directly into applying for a Google AdSense account and start 'making money online' hence they forget some basic easy stuff that will help in the Approval process of your AdSense account .

I will discuss important 3 pages that your website needs ..

5 Strategies to make money with Google AdSense

Hello geeks .. Before we start talking about those strategies you need to be sure that there's nothing called "Best Strategy" toward making money with Google AdSense as every one has his own experience and way of making money with this program and what may success with one person may fail with another person .

So let us know some of those strategies for making money with AdSense Program .

The killing point against success in making money with Google AdSense

Hello geeks .. continuing my tips toward earning money through monetizing your Blog / Website by Google AdSense i will discuss one killing point that helps a lot in either success or fail in making online business.

How Easy / Hard earning money with Google Adsense

Hello geeks .. While surfing the web i found out a lot of people writing about that it's very easy to start your online business and earn hundreds of dollars just by writing some posts to your blog or website and apply for Google AdSense ... Well let me tell you that yes you can make a lot of money through monetizing your Blog or Website or YouTube channel .. ETC  but it's not that easy because :

You need to have quality content to present to your readers or viewers . You need to have legal strategies according to Google AdSense Terms and Conditions to publish your website ( no spam , no pay-to-click methods).You need to stay away from Pornography and Hacking/Cracking content and others . Check Google Webmasters Guidelines . Write at least 40 - 50 Posts that is useful for people to read .

Swap Partition

Hello Geeks .. This article applies for most of Linux Distributions and SphinUX OS  . I tested it on ( Ubuntu , Kali , BackTrack 5 , Redhat ) but my screenshots are from SphinUX OS .

What is Swap Memory ?  Swap memory is that drive you create while installing your OS or through your command shell to tell the operating system that when physical memory (RAM) start to get more traffic , it shall start transfer some of the data to the swap file or swap disk .( the transfer process have it's own algorithm i will not get into explaining it ) .

Why Learn Data Structures and Algorithms?

One day before i get to know Data Structures .. i always asked myself.. Why a programmer need to learn about data structures and algorithms ? Is it that important ?

This post will be an advise more than an introduction toward learning Structures and Algorithms .

Programming Languages Rank For October 2013 ... C lang still on top

Hello geeks .. I brought to you the list of programming languages ranking according to TIOBE .

Windows 8 Blank Application Architecture

Hello geeks .. as we know , knowing the reason of presence of some things is too important .
There are three type of Windows 8 metro style applications.. In this post I'm going to talk about Blank Applications, How they work ? What is the need of each .cs File and Folders ? So you will be able to build applications based on knowledge not just throwing bunch of code to do something and run away !

Microsoft Interview - MSP Windows 8 Vertical

Hello Geeks ..It seems to be my return to posting starting today , and i will start by telling about the Interview i just had in Microsoft for MSP - Club .

You first need to know that questions are both technical and social , they need to know the real you , weather you understand what you are saying or not , weather you know your limits and able to control it or not .

I applied for Microsoft Windows 8 vertical  to be a Microsoft Partner Presenter in my college .

C# Full Pharmacy Project With Source code

Hello Geeks .. This post is one of our completely Free Projects .. It is a Pharmacy Project that can perform a lot of operations you can also find the (.dll) files for the working Barcode Reader Machines in your country and add it to the project .

How To Create A Change Password Form in a C# Application

Hello Geeks .. This little post is a free sample C# Windows Form that can be used to change password in a SQL Database .

Introduction To IIS and How to Install it On Windows 8 , 7 & Vista

Hello Geeks .. This Post is Introduction on how to install IIS (Internet Information Services) or Check if it's Installed .. This Steps Works For Windows 8 , Windows 7 & Vista .
IIS is a group of internet servers (Include Web and HTTP and FTP servers) with additional capabilities for Microsoft's server operating systems.IIS is Microsoft's entry to compete in the internet server market that is also addressed by ( Apache , Sun Microsystems and others )IIS is used by Microsoft Developers to create Active Server Pages (ASP) .

Listening ! A Very Important Skill For Every Computer Technician

Hello Geeks.. Today Is my first Article That you can consider as Philosophical .We are not going to talk about anything related to computer technologies but it's important for every Computer Technician or whatever you call ( Programmer , Network Constructor , Database Administrator .. Etc ).
Now This Is Very Important to understand Specially In Technology Field Which Is Very Precious Field, What We Actually Do Is Very Precious (Setting Up , Configuration Files .. Etc) You Can Either Do It Right Or Wrong , On Or OFF and If it's Supposed To Be On and You Made it OFF , You Are Screwed! . And If it's Supposed To Be OFF and You Made It On , You Are Screwed !

C# Text To Speech Application Using WPF

Hello Geeks .. This is The First Project I'm Posting About C# WPF ( Windows Presentation Foundation ). It is just a simple Project That Takes The Text You Write In A Text Box And Spell It by A Male Or Female Voice .. However You Want .. At The End Of the Post You Will Find A Download Link For The Working Project With It's Source Code Uploaded To Media Fire .

How To Create C# Chat Application

Hello Geeks .. Today I gonna show you How to make a Chat Application Using Microsoft C#.NET 5.0 .
You Can Use Older Versions Since there is nothing special in the application that only belongs to C# 5.0 .

This Application Was Created To Allow Two Computers To "Chat" Using IP Addresses Also you Can Open two Clients On The Same Computer and Use Same IP Address But Different Port.. It is simple and Easy to Use And Develop .. I also Uploaded The Full Working Project With It's Source Code On MediaFire.. You Will Find The Link At The End Of the Post :)

ASP.NET Web Forms Versus ASP.NET MVC

Hello Geeks .. Today we gonna talk about something , it maybe confusing for some Developers yet if you concentrate for little time to understand it , it will not be a problem anymore.

In this post i'm gonna talk about Developing Under ASP.NET WebForms Environment and Developing Under ASP.NETMVC Environment.

Most Common Questions About this task would be :  Which One Is better ? When I'm Planning A Project,Which One To Choose? Which One Provide Better Performance ? .. Etc

Important Quote From Wrox Professional ASP.NET Book:Page : 1079 Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that ASP.NET Web forms and ASP.NET MVC sit on top of ASP.NET proper. Think of it as (ASP.NET) is bigger than (Web forms) and (ASP.NET) > (ASP.NET MVC). There’s so much underneath both techniques that you can use either or both without fear. Many people find a hybrid model works for them, or they use a hybrid as they move from one model to the other. Pick the model that makes you feel most prod…

Introduction To ASP.NET Page Life Cycle

Hello Geeks .. As you Know this is Ramy , I'm writing today about an important little thing that you should keep in mind while Programming Under ASP.NET Framework.

As You may know .. Everything happens in computer world happens in ordered steps for certain reasons and to be a professional in a certain field you need to know not only how to make things work but ALSO How things happen.

The Benefit of knowing how things happen specially in Programming world is that when you know what will happen first , you will be able to re-arrange some functions or such so you will optimize your little program performance .. Here You Will feel the difference between An Application that was Created by A normal programmer and An Application that was Created by a Geek or Professional Programmer .

It's Pretty long Introduction to this Post but it really matters to keep it in your mind before reading the main Post Task .. Anyways ,Let's Get started ...

Introduction To Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Hello Geeks .. Today's Post is A little try to introduce the Model View Controller (MVC) . In this post i'm going to explain MVC in general and a Brief introduction to ASP.NET MVC ,So let's get started ...

Historical Point :  Model-View-Controller has been an important architectural pattern in computer science. It's Original Name was  : Thing-Model-View-Editor Introduction in 1979 and It's been used in lots of frameworks since then.
You Can find MVC in Java and C++ , On Mac and on Windows and other frameworks .

How to Use ImageButton Control By C# ASP.NET

Hello Geeks .. Today's Post Is A Simple Example On How To Use The Image Button Control in ASP.NET Using C# .
So Before We Dive Into Our little post , let me give You a Brief Description About This Control .
Well .. Image Button Control Is a Control That Displays An Image Instead Of Text .
You Can Find This Control Within the System.Web.UI.WebControls namespace.
You Can Use This Control To Map Images and Get Co-ordinations for example .

Some Properties Of The ImageButton : PostBackUrl :Set the Url Of The Web Page to Post from the current web page when the ImageButton is Clicked CauseValidation : set a value showing whether or not validation is performed when the ImageButton control is clicked.OnClientClick : Set The Client Side Script Which Is Executed When An ImageButton Control Click Event is Fired.
Download Working Sample (Media Fire ) :ImageButton ASP.NET Sample Steps For Implementing The Code Yourself : Open Visual Studio 2012 And Create An Empty ASP.NET Web Application .Right Cl…

ASP.NET Register System - Web User Control By C#

Hello Geeks .. This Post Is another One Concerned With C# ASP.NET Web Applications ..
Well .. Simply This Sample Is a Register System Web User Control That Is Compatible With The ASP.NET Web Service For Login/Register - Insert/Update/Delete Queries

Download Link At Media Fire (13KB) :Register - Web User Control ASP.NET You Can Use It Directly To Your Web Application But I Recommend For You That You Re Implement The Code So You Get More Experienced Doing it :) 
I hope It's Useful for All Of You People .. 
Related Posts : ASP.NET C# Web Service For Login/Register - Insert/Update/Delete QueriesSteps To Create ASP.NET Web ApplicationLogin System - Web User Control ASP.NET C# Best Wishes Everybody..

ASP.NET Login System Web User Control By C#

Hello Geeks.. This Post is Considered To Be Under The Task Of ASP.NET Technology ..  I'm Gonna Show You How to Make A Login System Web User Control For Your Own Web Application

This Sample Is Related To The ASP.NET C# Web Service For Login/Register - Insert/Update/Delete Post
Those Samples Are Completely Free To Download And Modify And Use For You Own Without The Need to ask me before it .

Download Link At Media Fire :Login System - Web User Control It is Simple .. Just Add It to your Project To The User Login Page Or You Better Try to Re implement The Code So You Will Have A good experience Dealing With Web User Controls 
I hope It's Useful for You People .. Enjoy it Geeks :) 
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Follow On Facebook,Twitter And Google+ Gadget For Bloggers

Hello Geeks ... Today's Post I'm gonna show you how to Add A Follow On Social Web Gadget To Your Blog In Such A Simple And Easy Way Just As You See In the Picture Here :
So let's Get Started ...

Steps To Add The Above Gadget  : From Blogger Home Pannel Go To Layout. Add A Gadget On The Place You Prefer To Add ItSelect HTML/JavaScript 
Add This Code : /*--- MBL Advance Social Gadget --- */ #socialwid {  font-family:Arial, serif;  text-transform: uppercase; font-weight:bold;  font-size:15px; color:white; text-align:center; margin-top:10px;}
#socialwid a {color:inherit;}
#mbladvance-sub div *{ -moz-box-sizing:border-box; -ms-box-sizing:border-box; -webkit-box-sizing:border-box; box-sizing:border-box;}
#mbladvance-sub div #likered{ background-image:url(!important;background-position:top left; background-repeat:no-repeat; height:242px; width:300px;} #mbladvance-sub div{ margin:0; padding:…

Steps To Create ASP.NET Web Application (C# Or VB)

Hello Geeks .. This Post Is about How To Create A Web Application Using Microsoft ASP.NET Technology ... We Will Write It In Steps .. And Well , The Way I will Explain in this post is not the only way You Can Create An ASP.NET Web Application .. It's Just My Way To Arrange Things So That I Won't Be Confused

Note : ASP.NET Is A Technology Not A Programming Language .. As In Web Applications You Use HTML , CSS , Java Script ,( C# Or VB ) , XML and A lot of Programming languages that each one of them do a specific Job .  Well Let's Get Started ...
Write Down What Exactly Your Website Should Do .. Create HTML File That has All The Sections Of The Site For Example ( Headers,Navigators,Sections,Articles and Tables).
Create A StyleSheet Form To Style Your Web Application ..
Create A Web Service Form To Add The Services You Want Your Web Application To Perform ..
I Uploaded A C# ASP.NET WebService That Perform Login,Register , Insert/Update/Delete Queries Here Is The Link : ASP.N…

C# Search In SQL Database - Simple WinForm Application

Hello Geeks .. Today I'm Posting A Simple Little Project ... I Created This Project at the request of a follower to This Blog ...

As You Should Know .. Feel Free To Ask Me Whatever Help You Need .. Together We Work toward Profession :)

Well .. This Project Simply Search Inside The SQL Database for The ID You Input in the Textbox and Return Value Inside A DataGridView .

Download Link At Media Fire : Search To SQL Database Steps To Try It Are The Same Steps I Mentioned In The Previous Posts About Inserting And Updating To The Database .  Insert To DatabaseEdit To Database I hope It's Helpful for you people  :) 
Best Wishes Geeks :)

ASP.NET C# Web Service For Login/Register-Insert/Update/Delete

Hello Geeks .. This Post Is Unique From It's Type As It's my First Time To Post For ASP.NET Technology  With C# .

So This Sample Is A Complete Web Service Class That Have Methods To Call In Your Project That Can Perform The Following Tasks : 

Insert To SQL DatabaseUpdate To SQL DatabaseDelete From SQL DatabaseLogin System To DatabasesRegister System To DatabasesSelect Data From SQL DatabaseThe Code I wrote Is So Clear Just Read It and You Will Understand How I works
Download Link At Media Fire : Web Service Full Control I hope It's Helpful for All of you people .. Try it out and give Opinion .. :) 
Best Wishes Geeks :)

C# Delete From SQL Database Sample Form (Pharmacy Project)

Hello Geeks .... Today is a continue To the theory of the Free Open Source Sample Forms about Communicating with SQL Databases and This Post is about Deleting From SQL Databases ..

This Form is another part from the Complete Pharmacy Project , It is free to download and Edit it and add more features and methods..

Download Link At Media Fire : Delete From SQL DB

Steps To Try It are the same Steps I Documented Before In the previous 2 Posts and here are the links for those Posts : 
C# Insert To SQLC# Edit To SQL
I hope It's helpful and Useful for all of you people .. Best Wishes Geeks :)

C# Insert To SQL Database Sample Form ( Pharmacy Project)

In The Previous Post We talked About The Update To SQL DB method and i uploaded a free open source Sample form for you people to try it out and see how Update statement can be written .
Refer To Previous Post : Edit To SQL Server Sample Form

Today I'm Presenting To you other Database communication part which is : How To Insert New Data to your Database Using A Windows Form That was created by C# ..

Download Sample Form (Media Fire) :Insert to SQL Win Form Sample (Media Fire)Steps :  Open The Sample Project On Visual Studio Environment.Open Server Explorer and Create A Database On Your Own Server.Create A Table Name It : Phar_Item_Info ...
Start Adding Informations Using The Sample Winform i presented to you . :) Enjoy It , Try Editing and adding more features I hope It's Useful for all of you .. Try Improve it .. don't copy paste code .. try implementing it yourself in another project .

Best Wishes Everybody :)

C# Open Source Edit To SQL Server Sample

It's Kinda Confusing Sometimes When Dealing With Update/Insert/Delete To Database .
I Created This Post To Present to you guys just a little sample for a Windows Form that you can use it to Edit To SQL DataBase ..
This Sample is a Part of my Pharmacy Project ( I will be Posting the full project As Soon As possible When it's All working ).

It's Free To Download  It's Open Source .. You Are Free To Edit It However you want  Download Link (MediaFire) :  Edit To SQL Server Steps To Try It :  Open The Project On Microsoft Visual Studio
Open Server Explorer and Connect To Your Own Server (Windows Authentication)
Create A DataBase Then Create A Table Name It Phar_Item_Info As Shown In The Picture Below..
Add Fields To The Table As Shown In The Picture Above .. 
And Finally Add Some Data To The Table For Test Download Link (MediaFire) :  Edit To SQL Server

I Hope It's Helpful For All Of You People ..
Best Wishes Geeks :)

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C# RSS Reader Free Open Source Project

Hello Geeks .. I created This Post to present a free open source C# project that is an RSS Reader that have a Box Where You Put the Link Then Click Refresh , It returns all the feeds and the feeds titles in a form of XML Documents .. It's Free To Download and Modify ..

C# Tic Tac Toe Game Source Code For Free

Hello Geeks .. I know There are Some People Around There who are interested in Programming Under the environment of Microsoft Visual Studio .. So i would like to share with you guys my little game i created 1 year ago ..
That is a Tic Tac Toe Game On a Windows Form Application

SphinUX OS and Licensing Issue

Hello Geeks ... Today's Post is a Simple Explanation About The Open Source and SphinUX OS Issue so that we can clear up some misunderstood points..

Before I dive into the Post Discussion i want you to know that i'm just an IT person who loves researching. And YES I'm Interested about how amazing The SphinUX OS Developers Work .. Yet I'm not defending them as persons , I'm Defending the way that Minds who Achieve Great Things Need to be Acknowledged.

So Let's Get Started ..
The General Public License (GPL): Well .. Generally Software License was designed to take away your freedom to Modify or Rebuild or Share That Piece of Software .. The GPL was written by Richard Stallman in 1989 To Give People The Freedom To Use,Share and Modify The Software Products that were licensed under the General Public Licence ..
There are Three Versions of released for this license (You Can Search And Read About Them) but this post is generally concerned with GPL version 2 & versi…

More About SphinUX OS

Hello Geeks .. In This Post We I will be writing little more about The SphinUX OS To get you more familiar with the Operating System .. So Let's Get Started

I will Just write down about Two Points , One Of those two points most of people care about when heading to use an Operating System which is  : Power Consumption And Thermal Management .. The Other point is about The Kernel of SphinUX OS.
First : Power Consumption And Thermal Management Unlike other Operating Systems , SphinUX OS Developers Team Came Up With Tools To Control the power usage and the Thermal Noise Generated by the Machine , So It's always the user choice whether he wants to make full use of the machine's power at the cost of power consumption and heat or consume less energy and generate less heat unlike GNU/Linux that has a bad reputation of power consumption and thermal noise which is addressed by the most Linux distributions.
Second : SphinUX OS Kernel  The SphinUX OS uses the LSX Kernel, a new integrati…

Installing SphinUX OS

Hello Geeks .. As You Know this is Ramy And Today's Post Is The Second About SphinUX Operating System ..I will be Explaining the Installation Process As Simple As Possible So you can go around and try it as geeks love to mess around with new things :)

If you Still know nothing about SphinUX OS So go back to my Previous Post :
Introduction To SphinUX OS As We Know as most of UNIX like Operating Systems It Allows You to Run It Live Directly from your DVD/USB Drive So if you Decided Live Usage Sometimes it will require from you to Input Username and Password .. Don't Worry it's just a build in password for live users and it will be as follows :
Username : live Password : live Now Let's Get Into Installation Steps : Double Click "Install_SphinUX" Icon Then Click Continue : Click On GParted (The Least Required 10GB Partition formatted to ext4)Also You Can Add More Partitions If Needed Then press Continue. This Form Will Appear It's all arranged by the GParted…

Introduction To SphinUX OS

Hello Geeks.. Today's Post Is Introduction To SphinUX Operating System.. Oh What ? What is that ? Yes As i just Said SphinUX Operating System ,An Entirely New Operating System That You May Say It's Built On Linux OS But It's Not a Linux Distribution ..The Same Way You Can Say that Back in a Day When Linux Was Created ,It Was Built On UNIX OS But It's Not a Distribution Of UNIX , It's an Entirely New Kernel. The Same Theory Goes For SphinUX OS .

An Operating System That Runs Perfectly On Any of the Run Levels (2-5) Environments Using Low Hardware Requirements .

I ll be writing about the historical and foundation points of SphinUX in a coming Post But just let me tell you that the Creation Team Area is In Alexandria,Egypt. Let's Dive Into Some Technical Specifications That You May Compare It To Other Operating Systems and Find Yourself What Really Fits and Serve You .
Purpose Of SphinUX Operating System : Well The Purpose Of SphinUX is to produce a Desktop/Server …

What Is Meant By " The Shell " ?

Hello Geeks .. Today We are going to Write such a little post about " The Shell " and When i say The Shell in this Blog .. It definitely means The Computers Shell .

Well Before I started writing down this post i surfed the web to read what people are writing about Shells .. And that's when i found out a lot of incomplete ( Wrong ) Information about what The Shell Is.

Well , Let's Get Started !
So What is " The Shell " ? The Shell Of An Operating System Is The Screen You Use To Interact With The Operating System.
There are Two Types Of Shells :
Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) Line User Interface Or Command Line Interface ( LUI or CLI )
Graphical User Interface (GUI) So The GUI is That You Have a Screen With a Little MOUSE Device and You Can Go Around and Click On Pictures and Open Folders and Video , etc .. It is easy and smooth for End Users Who Just want their little tasks get done.Microsoft Windows Is a Great Operating Systems Providing That and Some Dis…

Introduction To Programming (Simple)

Hello Geeks .. Today We are going to have a little post Introducing programming as simply as possible , As You All know , Your Comments Are Welcome In The Region of The Post Topic .. So Feel Free To ask me or suggest better Ideas and Tasks .

So Programming is When you sit down on a Computer and Type out a lot of text or such That will Turn out Into Microsoft Office or Under Cover(EA GAME) or Angry Birds or Quick Box Or Even an Entire Operating System . Well , If you are going to be in the Technology Field , You Don't Need to be an Expert Programmer But you Should Understand How to Do Some Programming . 

SO most of people When Thinking About Programming , They are mostly Thinking about Microsoft Windows or Linux or Angry Birds or Office or any big massive Programs , Well .. In reality You Can Create Some Very Small Programs or Applications That Do a very Specific Tasks .. 
Well When You are Programming , Yes You Can Program This Massive Programs Such As Linux Or Windows Operating Sys…

Operating System Vs Program Vs Application

Hello Geeks As We Know this is Ramy , I'm Writing This Post to Clear up the differences between Three Things that will make the IT Field Even Clearer For You If you really understand it .

Lots of people may get confused when comes the talk about Operating Systems Then Programs Then Applications .. So We are here trying to put a simple explanation For each of the Tasks i Mentioned .

And Let's not to forget , I care About you Opinions and Comments and would like if someone have a better explanation to comment it down this post .. Also If there is Any Questions I would be happy to Answer it here or In a Coming post if Needed .

Let Us Begin By This Simple Picture Before We Dive Into The Explanation :
We Can Replace The Application Part by ProgramSo Let's Start Explaining Each Of the Following :  Operating Systems :We can Define The Operating Systems As The Software That Enables The Computer Hardware To Communicate With The Applications Or The Programs That End Users Use.And Wi…

How To Become An IT Professional ?

Oh man oh man , Two days ago Me and Bill Gates And Linus Torvalds were hanging out drinking and having fun , We even Played Wii Games .. And You won't believe You Won't believe that Bill Gates really really like Peanuts And ...... 

Oh Come On that's a lie .. That's not an IT profession Issue " EVEN IF THIS LAME STORY IS TRUE "

IT is a Great Field , It's really Amazing Wonderful Field That You Can Never Feel Bored Of it Once You are really Into It . But You Should Keep Some Little Ideas in Your Mind Before You Start it ..

How To Get The Classic Start Menu On Windows 8

After Nine Months Using Windows 8 and Communicating with New Windows 8 Users ....

Well , I know you are not used to the Windows 8 Metro Style User Interface.But, Thankfully, a completely free and open source solution to the start menu has been released. This solution is called the Classic Shell.

Although Microsoft took a huge risk in it’s adoption of a touch screen tablet on their desktops, it appears the momentum is not working in their favor. The classic shell has quickly become one of the most talked about open source applications. WHY? The usability of Windows 8 has very little to offer to the average desktop user who doesn’t possess a touch screen.(Some people doesn't possess a touch screen but still prefer the Metro UI).

Time will tell whether or not Windows 8 will survive the negative publicity. In either case, Technicals will continually push great free resources such as Classic Shellto their user base. This is an invaluable resource for the technician who tires of deali…