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What Is Meant By " The Shell " ?

Hello Geeks .. Today We are going to Write such a little post about " The Shell " and When i say The Shell in this Blog .. It definitely means The Computers Shell .

Well Before I started writing down this post i surfed the web to read what people are writing about Shells .. And that's when i found out a lot of incomplete ( Wrong ) Information about what The Shell Is.

Well , Let's Get Started !

So What is " The Shell " ?

The Shell Of An Operating System Is The Screen You Use To Interact With The Operating System.
There are Two Types Of Shells :
  • Graphical User Interface ( GUI )
  • Line User Interface Or Command Line Interface ( LUI or CLI )

  1. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  2. So The GUI is That You Have a Screen With a Little MOUSE Device and You Can Go Around and Click On Pictures and Open Folders and Video , etc .. It is easy and smooth for End Users Who Just want their little tasks get done.Microsoft Windows Is a Great Operating Systems Providing That and Some Distributions of Linux.

  3. Line User Interface Or Command Lina Interface
So As The Method Name Points to .. The Line Interface is the way you Interact With The Operating System Through A Line Command Interface Where You Write Some Order and Hit Enter Then It Return Results To You In Lines Too.. Computer Geeks Prefer to Use The Line Shell As It's Much More Powerful in Administrating The Operating System Either it's a Client OS or A Server OS.

Final Points : 

  • GUI is Such An Easy Way To Use Computers But If You are into Technology Field I advise You To Learn Little About Line Command As it's Much Powerful Than GUI.
  • Be Careful Before You Install A Line Interface Operating Systems Such As Linux Servers or Some Linux Distributions that is totally a Line Command Operating Systems,Because If you don't know what commands you need to write to do the job..So you are kind of Stuck.
  • An Operating System Can Give You The Ability to use Both, Graphical and Line User Interface ( Most Of the Operating Systems Around Provide you with that).
Best Wishes Geeks :) See You Next Time.


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