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How To Become An IT Professional ?

Oh man oh man , Two days ago Me and Bill Gates And Linus Torvalds were hanging out drinking and having fun , We even Played Wii Games .. And You won't believe You Won't believe that Bill Gates really really like Peanuts And ...... 

Oh Come On that's a lie .. That's not an IT profession Issue " EVEN IF THIS LAME STORY IS TRUE "

IT is a Great Field , It's really Amazing Wonderful Field That You Can Never Feel Bored Of it Once You are really Into It . But You Should Keep Some Little Ideas in Your Mind Before You Start it ..

Well,Before we start diving in our little Post about Becoming And IT Professional let me tell you some little general points that you will need in your Entire Life : 




There are some little Simple Ways to Become Such an IT Professional Which Are : 

  1. Consider Which Field Or Part Of Information Technology You Prefer Or Would Like to Work In.(I will Post IT Fields in a Coming Blog Post)
  2. Start Reading About that Part Or Field You Are Interested In .. Read In a Learning Way ( I will Write About This Point Later).
  3. Read Computer trade magazines and join computer related organizations.
  4. Attend Free Seminars In Your Home Town Or Online Free Seminars
  5. Try Joining Professional Networks Like LinkedIn

Final Thoughts :

First : Technology Field Gains A lot of money to the person working on it ,But , Avoid Joining This field at the idea that it will Bring You Lots of money.. Because This Idea Was The Prove Why Lots Of People Fail To become IT Professionals

Second : If You Walk into Little Training Program And Dropped 10-30 Thousand Dollars On the Table Thinking When You walk out After 6 months That Anybody will care ... You Are Wrong , You are Actually Fooling Yourself Cause Nobody is gonna care , Maybe you are lucky if you got a job ..

Third : You Need To Have The Basic Knowledge And Concepts About Most Of Information Technology Fields Besides The Field You Are Concentrating on Becoming Special or Professional in it .

Fourth : Well This is the most Important Point you Should Keep In Your Mind , And that is : You Cannot Know Everything about All of the Information Technology Fields . If you Think You Can be a Package of Everything to be done in IT , So You are Still Fooling Yourself.

Here We Reach To The End Of our Post About How to Become And IT Professional ..
I hope I could give you the Information Needed to Head Toward your profession .

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Best Wishes Geeks :)


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