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Programming Languages Ranking | March 2015

When it comes to speak about programming languages ranking, It's not meant to say that this programming language is better than a corresponding programming language, It's just a ranking based on some statistics that has nothing to do with the powerfulness or weakness of a particular programming language.

Release Of Linux Kernel 4.0 - Release Candidate Is Ready!

After 10 days of the poll made by Linus Travolds asking weather to release the next version number of Linux Kernel should be 3.20 or 4.0, He announced today Feb 23, 2015 that the next version number of the linux kernel will be 4.0 and the release candidate version will be available for testing.

Programming Languages Ranking | Feb 2015 | JavaScript Greatest Performance

This is my second post along the blog speaking about programming languages ranking according to TIOBE for software quanlity.

Before heading off to speak about the ranking, I would like to point out that this rank is based on the amount of searches and content availiable on the web for each programming language, You can read the full definition of TIOBE index here.