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3 important pages before applying to make money with Google AdSense

Hello geeks .. I know everyone wait to jump directly into applying for a Google AdSense account and start 'making money online' hence they forget some basic easy stuff that will help in the Approval process of your AdSense account .

I will discuss important 3 pages that your website needs ..

5 Strategies to make money with Google AdSense

Hello geeks .. Before we start talking about those strategies you need to be sure that there's nothing called "Best Strategy" toward making money with Google AdSense as every one has his own experience and way of making money with this program and what may success with one person may fail with another person .

So let us know some of those strategies for making money with AdSense Program .

The killing point against success in making money with Google AdSense

Hello geeks .. continuing my tips toward earning money through monetizing your Blog / Website by Google AdSense i will discuss one killing point that helps a lot in either success or fail in making online business.

How Easy / Hard earning money with Google Adsense

Hello geeks .. While surfing the web i found out a lot of people writing about that it's very easy to start your online business and earn hundreds of dollars just by writing some posts to your blog or website and apply for Google AdSense ... Well let me tell you that yes you can make a lot of money through monetizing your Blog or Website or YouTube channel .. ETC  but it's not that easy because :

You need to have quality content to present to your readers or viewers . You need to have legal strategies according to Google AdSense Terms and Conditions to publish your website ( no spam , no pay-to-click methods).You need to stay away from Pornography and Hacking/Cracking content and others . Check Google Webmasters Guidelines . Write at least 40 - 50 Posts that is useful for people to read .

Swap Partition

Hello Geeks .. This article applies for most of Linux Distributions and SphinUX OS  . I tested it on ( Ubuntu , Kali , BackTrack 5 , Redhat ) but my screenshots are from SphinUX OS .

What is Swap Memory ?  Swap memory is that drive you create while installing your OS or through your command shell to tell the operating system that when physical memory (RAM) start to get more traffic , it shall start transfer some of the data to the swap file or swap disk .( the transfer process have it's own algorithm i will not get into explaining it ) .