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5 Strategies to make money with Google AdSense

Hello geeks .. Before we start talking about those strategies you need to be sure that there's nothing called "Best Strategy" toward making money with Google AdSense as every one has his own experience and way of making money with this program and what may success with one person may fail with another person .

So let us know some of those strategies for making money with AdSense Program .
Make Money With Google AdSense Strategy

1.Services Websites :

This kind of websites serve some simple information like : Gold Price , Currency Exchange , IP Address Of Visitor , Postal Code of some region and ETC ... There are a lot of services you can put in your website.

This kind of websites are easy to create and maintain , it depends on Search engines to bring 80% of visitors , it gets a lot of New Visitors rather than Returning Visitors .

It makes a huge number of visitors but they may be viewing Ads that are not related to their interests because of the weakness of the website content . That's why it needs daily continuation for clicked Ads because it might be Invalid Clicks .

2.Niche Websites :

This kind of websites depends on your experience on a certain field that has Keywords .. For example you are professional on Cooking Eggs so you start writing down about how Eggs might be cooked and so on .

It needs frequent update to your content to keep it fresh ( be careful cause Google loves Quality Content Only) .
The good part about Niche Websites that the revenue from 10 Ad Clicks may be equal to 50 Ad Clicks on a Services Website .

3.Varieties Websites :

If it is as Google always Says that "Content is the King" then Varieties websites are the king of all websites that have the biggest number of visitors .

It is that websites that has Simple News , Funny Pictures , Comics , Funny Short Videos and everything that doesn't require a specific kind of visitors .. as you know people love funny things .. etc .

It doesn't require a great design for the website or even a domain name .. maybe just a little Blog on Blogger or WordPress and things would be fine .

4.Authority Websites :

It's those websites dominating Search engines for a certain Keyword or A Sentence . Try asking a friend about a website to download software , he will shout out saying : try asking about a website for news you will get as a reply and so on .. those websites are Dominating the their field on the web .

You can also have an authority website just by good planning and future vision .
When you reach to be an authority website you will have a lot of methods offered for you that will turn out to be making money .

5.Forum Websites :

Still forums are a target for not little amount of internet users but it needs ongoing administration and monitoring for every action done by users as it may be violating Google AdSense terms and conditions that will result in banning your AdSense account .

Also it needs big effort in securing and protecting your content and website against violations and abuses .

Final Point :

There are many many other strategies to make money with Google AdSense and other monetizing programs but i preferred to present to you the most known .. Now a days we are about 2014 , let me tell you that being an entrepreneur for your own small business is a very good way but it depends on your idea .. How useful your idea is ? and How well you could implement it in a form of online website or whatever .

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