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How To Create A Change Password Form in a C# Application

Hello Geeks .. This little post is a free sample C# Windows Form that can be used to change password in a SQL Database .

In this Sample you will find a class called ChangeInDB.cs and Other Called Connection.cs I use those two classes in the process of connecting to Database.Open Them and Change the Connection String to be the One for your own computer .

Link To Download The Working Sample : Change Password Win Form

Steps To Implement Change Password Form Inside your Applications : 

  1. Create a SQL Database Table That has UserID and Password Fields and Add Some Records.
  2. Create a class to implement connections to Database and methods of communicating with your Database . 

  3. Add Those Methods Inside It
    public DataTable RunQuery(string select)
         return myTable;
    public bool login(string user, string pass)
         string sqlcmd = "select * from LoginInfo where ID='" + user + "' and Password='" + pass + "'";
         DataTable mytbl = RunQuery(sqlcmd);
         if (mytbl.Rows.Count > 0) return true;
         else return false;
    private void connect()
    { cn.Open(); }

  4. Implement This Code Under The ButtonConfirm_Click Event
    private void btnConfirm_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
         SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
         SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(Connection.myConnectionString);
         ChangeInDB changePass = new ChangeInDB();
         string strCmd ="update LoginInfo set Password='"+txtNew.Text+"' where ID='"+txtUser.Text+"'";
         if (changePass.login(txtUser.Text, txtOld.Text) == true)
              if (txtNew.Text == txtVerify.Text)
                  cmd.Connection = cn;
                  cmd.CommandText = strCmd;
                  MessageBox.Show("Done Successfully!");
                catch (Exception ex)
          MessageBox.Show("Passwords Does Not Match");
      MessageBox.Show("User/Password Incorrect!");

  5. Add The Features you want in your form such as minimum & maximun set of chars for password  ... Etc .

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