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Introduction To Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Hello Geeks .. Today's Post is A little try to introduce the Model View Controller (MVC) . In this post i'm going to explain MVC in general and a Brief introduction to ASP.NET MVC ,So let's get started ...

Historical Point : 

Model-View-Controller has been an important architectural pattern in computer science. It's Original Name was  : Thing-Model-View-Editor Introduction in 1979 and It's been used in lots of frameworks since then.
You Can find MVC in Java and C++ , On Mac and on Windows and other frameworks .

Defining Model-View-Controller : 

Well .. MVC is an architectural pattern used to separate an application into three main aspects as you can expect it from the title of the theory ..
  • The Model : The Set of Classes that describes the data you're working with as well as the business rules for how the data can be changed and manipulated.. 
  • The View :  It is the view that user interact with , In Other Words it's called The User Interface.
  • The Controller : A Set of Classes that handles communication from the user,over all application flow,and application-specific logic.

Model-View-Controller in ASP.NET :

ASP.NET MVC take the idea of n-tier.. The Idea of ASP.NET Model-View-Controller Have the same logic with the standard MVC where :
  • Markup Goes for the View
  • Business Logic goes in the Controller
  • Database connection code goes in the Model.
Sounds like n-tier to you too ? The Differences are just(mostly) theoretical.
MVC is a very big topic that i just can't cover here in any detail .. So I will be writing more about in next posts .. Also you can Read more about it in Professional ASP.NET by Wrox Press .. It's Cool and Amazing you can just order it from Amazon Online Shop . 

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Best Wishes Everybody :)

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