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Listening ! A Very Important Skill For Every Computer Technician

Hello Geeks.. Today Is my first Article That you can consider as Philosophical .We are not going to talk about anything related to computer technologies but it's important for every Computer Technician or whatever you call ( Programmer , Network Constructor , Database Administrator .. Etc ).

Now This Is Very Important to understand Specially In Technology Field Which Is Very Precious Field, What We Actually Do Is Very Precious (Setting Up , Configuration Files .. Etc) You Can Either Do It Right Or Wrong , On Or OFF and If it's Supposed To Be On and You Made it OFF , You Are Screwed! . And If it's Supposed To Be OFF and You Made It On , You Are Screwed !

What We Going To Talk about is one of the most important skills you can possibly have .. It is the ability To Listen And Process The Information is being Presented To You From Other People !! So .. It's a Complicated Ability To Keep Your Mouth Shut and Not Being Thinking about other things for as long as it takes from the person sitting in front of you To Present Their Idea.

Most People Understand Mono logs and Most People Understand Conversations

Mono Logs : You Can Call It "One Way Speaking". Is The Same As Watching A Video .. The person in the video Sits and keep talking and talking and talking and actually not giving a damn about the other side.
But in the real world .. There is Boss , Mother , Father .. The Mono log is that they sit and tell you a Story or such and expect you moving your head for Acceptance and Understanding of what they just told you.

Conversation : Simply It is tossing Ideas Back and Forth It is so different from Mono Log,It is when one person talks and the other person Listens and Concentrate and Process what is being said.
So One Person Talks Then The Other Person Respond.
So Basically The Idea Is that One Person Talks , The Other Person Keeps their mouth Shut ,When The First Stop Talking , The Other Person Think What The First Just said Then Give A Response .

You As A Technician When you have Interaction With Your Clients Or Boss You Have To make sure that the technology You Are Going to be Implementing or Installing or whatever else, Is Actually Going To Be Up To Their Expectations.
You As A Technician Need To Be Able To Have A Conversations With Your Clients,Bosses,Vendors, Employees ..Etc.

Final Thoughts :

  • You Can Have Technology That Work 100% Right , It Does Everything How It Supposed To Be But It Doesn't Actually Fulfill The Need of The Client or Boss or Whoever asked you to do the job.

  • A Conversation Is When One Person Talks and The Other Person LISTENS But Keeping Your Mouth Shut is Not The Same As Listening.

  • Listening Is When You Process What People Are Telling You and Think About It and Make Sure That You Can Actually Do What They Ask You To Do.

  • In Our Environment .. Make Sure That You Were Having A Conversation , When They Say Something , Listen and I mean Really Listen , Don't Talk , Don't Think About Your Wife , Your Car , Your Ex Girlfriend or Whatever Just Think and Process What They Are Saying.

  • In Reality..Employees Get Fired Not Because They Are Not Good Experienced In Their Job , But Because They Don't Make Effort To Learn Some Little Simple Skills Such As Listening.

  • People Don't Care if You Work 24 Hours A Day , If you Didn't Do what they asked you to do, You Are Still Worthless.
Best Wishes Everybody :)

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