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ASP.NET Web Forms Versus ASP.NET MVC

Hello Geeks .. Today we gonna talk about something , it maybe confusing for some Developers yet if you concentrate for little time to understand it , it will not be a problem anymore.

In this post i'm gonna talk about Developing Under ASP.NET WebForms Environment and Developing Under ASP.NET MVC Environment.

Most Common Questions About this task would be :  Which One Is better ? When I'm Planning A Project,Which One To Choose? Which One Provide Better Performance ? .. Etc

Important Quote From Wrox Professional ASP.NET Book:

Page : 1079
Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that ASP.NET Web forms and ASP.NET MVC sit on top of ASP.NET proper. Think of it as (ASP.NET) is bigger than (Web forms) and (ASP.NET) > (ASP.NET MVC). There’s so much underneath both techniques that you can use either or both without fear. Many people find a hybrid model works for them, or they use a hybrid as they move from one model to the other. Pick the model that makes you feel most productive and run with it.

 Main Advantages Of ASP.NET MVC : 

  • Enables Full Control Over the Rendered HTML
  • Provides Clean Separation Of Concerns (SoC).
  • Enables Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Easy Integration With JavaScript Frameworks.
  • Following the Design And The Stateless nature of the Web.
  • Restful URLs that Enables better SEO.
  • No View State and PostBack Events.

Main Advantages Of ASP.NET Web Forms :

  • Development Support State : Give The illusion that a web application is aware of what the user has been doing.
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) : The ability to just 'jump in' and start delivering web forms. This is disputed by some of the MVC community, but pushed by Microsoft. In the end, it comes down to the level of expertise of the developer and what they are comfortable with. The web forms model probably has less of a learning curve to less experienced developers.
  • Larger Control ToolBox.
  • Mature Since It's been around Since 2002 . 

Final Thoughts : 

  1. ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC are two web frameworks developed by Microsoft - they are both good choices. Neither of the web frameworks are to be replaced by the other nor are there plans to have them 'merged' into a single framework. Continued support and development are done in parallel by Microsoft and neither will be 'going away'.
  2. Each of these web frameworks offers advantages/disadvantages - some of which need to be considered when developing a web application. A web application can be developed using either technology - it might make development for a particular application easier selecting one technology versus the other and vice versa.
  3. What Really Matters Is The Methods Quality You Code while going on creating any type of application . 

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I hope It's useful for you people .. :)


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