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Introduction To IIS and How to Install it On Windows 8 , 7 & Vista

Hello Geeks .. This Post is Introduction on how to install IIS (Internet Information Services) or Check if it's Installed .. This Steps Works For Windows 8 , Windows 7 & Vista .
  • IIS is a group of internet servers (Include Web and HTTP and FTP servers) with additional capabilities for Microsoft's server operating systems.
  • IIS is Microsoft's entry to compete in the internet server market that is also addressed by ( Apache , Sun Microsystems and others )
  • IIS is used by Microsoft Developers to create Active Server Pages (ASP) .

But First lets me tell you that : Deploying a web application is just the process of copying your web application files to a web server and by taking this step , you accomplish three things :
  • You ensure that your web applications are available even when Visual Studio isn't running.
  • You allow users on the other computers to run your web applications . (Note that : The Visual Studio web server handles only local requests.) Like That : http://localhost:2829/Default.aspx
  • Your web application URLs will no longer need a port number .

Note : 

Depending on your organization ,you may be in charge of deploying web applications or a dedicated web administrator may handle the process.Either way , It's worth learning the deployment process which i consider as quite straightforward.

Installing IIS Steps : 

  1. Open Control Panel ( Windows 7 & Vista : Start >> Control Panel ) (Windows 8 : In metro style Type : Control Panel ).
  2. Choose Programs and Features . 
  3. In The Task List : Click The " Turn Windows Features On or Off" (It will take few seconds While Windows Examines your system.
  4. Find the Internet Information Services item near the top of the list And Mark as shown in The Figure Below.
  5. Open Run Application and Type : INETMGR to open the IIS Manager

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