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Microsoft Interview - MSP Windows 8 Vertical

Hello Geeks ..It seems to be my return to posting starting today , and i will start by telling about the Interview i just had in Microsoft for MSP - Club .

You first need to know that questions are both technical and social , they need to know the real you , weather you understand what you are saying or not , weather you know your limits and able to control it or not .

I applied for Microsoft Windows 8 vertical  to be a Microsoft Partner Presenter in my college .
MSP - Egypt - Windows 8
MSP Club - Windows 8 Vertical

Well , The Interview started by putting the only rule for it , It was just that i have to answer their questions in the language they asked in it , So as i'm here in Egypt the conversation was in Arabic and English .

Here are the questions asked : 

  • Introduce yourself in English . 
  • Can you tell me three good things about you ? or the reason why i should hire you ? 
  • Can you tell me three bad things about you ? or the reason why i should not hire you ? 
  • You knew that you are about to give a presentation , so what the task of your prepared presentation ?(Mine was about : Windows 8 Features , Windows 8 Application Architecture and SQLite Databases)
  • You said that you are not good at using the most out of resources available for you , Can you explain why you think that ? 
  • Did you develop applications  ? talk to me about it . 
  • From 1 to 10 , How you see yourself as a Team Member Or a Team Leader ? 
  • In two minutes , think about a problem inside or outside Microsoft and tell me it's solution and we can talk about it . 
After this conversation , my interview ended saying greetings then i left :) 
Windows 8 metro style Applications

I hope it's helpful for you people . 


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