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Why Learn Data Structures and Algorithms?

One day before i get to know Data Structures .. i always asked myself.. Why a programmer need to learn about data structures and algorithms ? Is it that important ?

This post will be an advise more than an introduction toward learning Structures and Algorithms . 
Why Programmers Learn Data structure and algorithms
It started by asking myself during developing an application , what should i use to store a set of data , An Array or a LinkedList ? sometimes the array made me problems other times the linkedlist made me problems too , but i didn't know why !! Here came the need of learning Data Structures and Algorithms.

Let us explain it in a matter of points : 

  • More Complex Applications needs more powerful computers  
  • How an application considered to be Complex ? As for computer world , Complex only mean MORE CALCULATIONS like Scientific Calculations 
  • What if you use a Wrong data type while developing such a complex thing ? It will cause waste of hardware capabilities .
We Conclude from the past 3 points that : Developing Require careful and efficient program design .. How ? 
  • First : Analyze program to determine resource constraints. 
  • Second : Select the Data Structure that best meets this requirements . 

Final Thoughts : 

  • Primary goal of computer programs is to Store and Retrieve Information.
  • Computer Programs must support efficient processing ( knowing what data type you should use).
  • Study of Data structures and Algorithms is fundamental for Computer Science.

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