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Top Google Searches in Software technology Field

Hello geeks .. According to Google Trends I brought you the chart of most searched topics in Software technology fields under the category of Nature & Science .

And as you see in the chart .. Most of searched topics is related to programming and that is nothing strange since it's the field where you always need help with things while coding. 

The funny point is that HTML (which i don't consider as programming language) is on top on the most searched topic in technology field . 

There is nothing strange about Java rank because if you read my other article : Programming Languages Rank for October 2013 , You will find out that Java is already the second most indexed programming language . 

Well i will not comment about each topic in the list but knowing that those topics are most indexed means that when you are heading for help in one of those , you will easily find what you are looking for . 
For example trying searching for Python String , C# list , PHP array , Jquery and ETC .. you will find what you need immediately .

How to use Google Trends Index Table :  

Just pick the topic you want to know more about , it will navigate you to Google Trends page concerned with the detailed charts about the selected topic . 

Thank you for reading .. Have a great time 

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