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Showing posts from October, 2013

Why Learn Data Structures and Algorithms?

One day before i get to know Data Structures .. i always asked myself.. Why a programmer need to learn about data structures and algorithms ? Is it that important ?

This post will be an advise more than an introduction toward learning Structures and Algorithms .

Programming Languages Rank For October 2013 ... C lang still on top

Hello geeks .. I brought to you the list of programming languages ranking according to TIOBE .

Windows 8 Blank Application Architecture

Hello geeks .. as we know , knowing the reason of presence of some things is too important .
There are three type of Windows 8 metro style applications.. In this post I'm going to talk about Blank Applications, How they work ? What is the need of each .cs File and Folders ? So you will be able to build applications based on knowledge not just throwing bunch of code to do something and run away !

Microsoft Interview - MSP Windows 8 Vertical

Hello Geeks ..It seems to be my return to posting starting today , and i will start by telling about the Interview i just had in Microsoft for MSP - Club .

You first need to know that questions are both technical and social , they need to know the real you , weather you understand what you are saying or not , weather you know your limits and able to control it or not .

I applied for Microsoft Windows 8 vertical  to be a Microsoft Partner Presenter in my college .