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Introduction To Programming (Simple)

Hello Geeks .. Today We are going to have a little post Introducing programming as simply as possible , As You All know , Your Comments Are Welcome In The Region of The Post Topic .. So Feel Free To ask me or suggest better Ideas and Tasks .

So Programming is When you sit down on a Computer and Type out a lot of text or such That will Turn out Into Microsoft Office or Under Cover(EA GAME) or Angry Birds or Quick Box Or Even an Entire Operating System . Well , If you are going to be in the Technology Field , You Don't Need to be an Expert Programmer But you Should Understand How to Do Some Programming . 

SO most of people When Thinking About Programming , They are mostly Thinking about Microsoft Windows or Linux or Angry Birds or Office or any big massive Programs , Well .. In reality You Can Create Some Very Small Programs or Applications That Do a very Specific Tasks .. 
Well When You are Programming , Yes You Can Program This Massive Programs Such As Linux Or Windows Operating Systems or Etc .. But You Can Also use Programming to create Some Little Programs That Do a Very Specific Tasks That is very Useful For You or Other People Who may Ask You to Create It for Them. 

So In This Post We are not going into Writing Codes or Such .. I will just Explain The Basics That You Should Understand if you are going to be a Programmer . We Are Going to Talk about Different Programming Languages And The Difference Between Compiled And Scripted Languages..

First Let Me Put Some Basic Points :

  1. Not Any Programmer Can Program Anything.

  2. Not Any Programming Language Can Program Any Type Of Programs.

  3. Just Like Every Other Computer Profession Field , Programming is Actually Divided Into Different Sub-Professions And Sub-Careers.

  4. Computer Only Understands Two Things that are ( 1 , 0 ) ON or OFF , It Does not understand (if , loops , variables or anything of that).

  5. What You Do Is that you create your program in something called "Human Readable" and Then it Turns into (1 and 0 ) so that the computer can understand.

  6. The Process Of Converting The "Human Readable" Into (1 and 0) Happens In Different ways according to the Programming Language , There Are Languages Called Compiled Languages other Called Scripted Languages or Interpreted Languages.

Now Let Us Begin Talking About Programming Languages :

I mentioned up there that there are Compiled and Interpreted (Scripted ) Programming Languages .. So let's take a Brief description about both.

Compiled Languages : 

Well , Basically .. Compiled Programming Languages Are the Oldest Programming Languages and Basically What Happens Is That You Write Your Code (if this happen then do this etc .. )  You Then Open up a Compiler ( So a Compiler is an Application or A Piece of software that you have on your Computer ) You Then Feed The Compiler By The Source Code that you just Created and The Compiler Turns This Code into ( 1 and 0 ) that the Computer Understand and Then Give You Out a Program on The Other Side or an Executable File .  So you just Double Click it and everything would Work Okay If no Errors.

Interpreted Languages (Scripted):

Well In Interpreted Languages , Basically What Happens Is that you Write You codes ( If this happens Then do this and Then do That Etc... ) Then You Simply Put that Text On to the server or the Computer that is going to be running the code and Then You Install Something Called Interpreter To the Computer and Then The Interpreter Reads The Code then Give Out the results to Who ever Using This Program , So if you Ever Heard of ( Patch Files , Java Script , Visual Basic Script , PHP , HTML or Any Of those Scripted Languages ) You Simply Write out all this Texts you then put that texts onto Your Web Server , So When Somebody Goes to This Script , The Interpreter Start Reading this Code and Do whatever in it that should happen . 

Final Thoughts : 

First : Just The way That Microsoft Word Can't Edit a Picture Or Video , Also Not Every Programming Language Can Create Any kind Of Program , For Example : You Can't Learn PHP to Build An Operating System . Actually PHP wasn't built to do that job . 

Second : You Need to be specific about what you want you program to do , For Example If you want to make a Hardware Driver You Need to Learn Language Like C++ , If you want to create a website So PHP and ASP.NET are Great for that . And For the Final Example If you want A programming Language That Can Run On many Operating Systems Such As Linux , Macintosh (Mac) Or Windows .. SO you need to Learn a Programming Language Called Java Since It Actually Allow You to Do That. 

Third  : Once You Learned Programming and You Want to create a program or website or such . So You First Need to set a Prototyping or Design Analysis Which Means That you get a piece of paper or such and start writing down what Exactly you want your program to do and How It Should Look . 

Note : Prototyping isn't a Must , But It will help you so much if you do it , It will even give you more ideas that you may think of implementing inside your little program . 

Most Popular Programming Languages Nowadays :

  • C/C++
  • Microsoft C# (CSharp)
  • Java
  • PHP
  • JaveScript
  • Python

Some Websites That Help A lot In Learning Specific Things in Programming : 

Here We Reach To The End Of our Little Post : Introduction To Programming .. I hope It's Simple Enough for You to get the Basic Ideas you need to start your programming life .

Best Wishes Geeks :)


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