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SphinUX OS and Licensing Issue

Hello Geeks ... Today's Post is a Simple Explanation About The Open Source and SphinUX OS Issue so that we can clear up some misunderstood points..

Before I dive into the Post Discussion i want you to know that i'm just an IT person who loves researching. And YES I'm Interested about how amazing The SphinUX OS Developers Work .. Yet I'm not defending them as persons , I'm Defending the way that Minds who Achieve Great Things Need to be Acknowledged.

So Let's Get Started ..

The General Public License (GPL):

Well .. Generally Software License was designed to take away your freedom to Modify or Rebuild or Share That Piece of Software .. The GPL was written by Richard Stallman in 1989 To Give People The Freedom To Use,Share and Modify The Software Products that were licensed under the General Public Licence ..
There are Three Versions of released for this license (You Can Search And Read About Them) but this post is generally concerned with GPL version 2 & version 3 .

SphinUX OS and The GPL :

SphinUX Team Started Completing the Development of the Linux Kernel Version 3.2 To be Included in a bigger Structure Called LSX(Known As "Lightening Speed Kernel Architecture") and Redistributed The  LSB(Linux Standard Base) To be SSB(SphinUX Standard Base)..
SphinUX Developers Team Are Working With A Method That is More Modular But Less In Code Contribution , In Other Words, For Example In GNU/Linux For Each Package there is a Source Code Package, While In SphinUX OS They Prefer The BSD Method So they try to Bundle Related Packages In One Archive So When They are about to Distribute Code They Only Distribute one Branch For Each Group Of Bundles , So You Will Find Sub Trees Inside The Source Tree And There Would Be A Script Inside the Archive That Is Responsible for The Configuration and Building Process...
Also This Method Forced The Developers Team To Bundle Packages Of Licenses to be in Contained In One License,And to protect SphinUX Community from being owned by A Company later They Choose The GPL v3 and Yes , They Broke The Terms Of License For Many Times While Developing SphinUX OS But, Let me Discuss It With You People , The Main Idea Behind Open Source Is to Give Developers The Freedom to modify programs With Keeping The Copy Rights of the Old Code or The Code Remained After Modifying To The Main Developer .. And That is What Happening With SphinUX .. They Put Their Copy Rights Only On The Things They Develop or Modify But They Didn't Didn't Put Their Copy Rights On What They Don't Own ..
And Yes They May Be Doing Something That GPL v3 Don't Agree With , But Still It's Ethical ..
Nothing is Non-Ethical Out There About What SphinUX Team Are Working On Right There .

MINIX and NETBSB Authors Reply On Report :

Here Comes a Little Prove When a guy reported to the MINIX and NETBSB Authors Group on Google That SphinUX OS is an illegal Operating System that was built on Hacking A Debian Distribution , The Authors Reply Came like That :
Sure He Deleted It But Still the reply Says it all ..
You Can See it yourself at :!topic/minix3/3VLHtqflXo0

Final Thoughts :

  • Open Source Means That You Are Free To Edit and Share Your Edits While keeping the unedited sections Licensed to the main Developer of it .
  • SphinUX OS Developers Team May be breaking the terms of The GPL but still that is something You cannot Consider As Non-Ethical as that is the goal of open source.

This Post is a try to explain the position of SphinUX OS that i personally see that it's not bad..

Best Wishes Geeks :)


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