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Introduction To SphinUX OS

Hello Geeks.. Today's Post Is Introduction To SphinUX Operating System.. Oh What ? What is that ? Yes As i just Said SphinUX Operating System ,An Entirely New Operating System That You May Say It's Built On Linux OS But It's Not a Linux Distribution ..The Same Way You Can Say that Back in a Day When Linux Was Created ,It Was Built On UNIX OS But It's Not a Distribution Of UNIX , It's an Entirely New Kernel. The Same Theory Goes For SphinUX OS .

An Operating System That Runs Perfectly On Any of the Run Levels (2-5) Environments Using Low Hardware Requirements .

I ll be writing about the historical and foundation points of SphinUX in a coming Post But just let me tell you that the Creation Team Area is In Alexandria,Egypt.

Let's Dive Into Some Technical Specifications That You May Compare It To Other Operating Systems and Find Yourself What Really Fits and Serve You .

Purpose Of SphinUX Operating System :

Well The Purpose Of SphinUX is to produce a Desktop/Server Operating system based on the
Egyptian LSX kernel architecture.

Licence :

Completely Free Open Source Operating System
Download it At :SphinUX OS Official Website
About The OS in Sourceforge Website : SphinUX OS | Sorceforge

Drivers :

Unlike Other Operating Systems That Needs Lots Of Experience To Install Drivers To Hardware , SphinUX OS Support Most of the modern hardware devices With no need for Drivers Installation.

About Installation :

Well , You As An IT Person Should Find it easy to install It As it requires minimum level of experience to partition your Hard drive .

Performance :

And How Amazing You Can Find Out Yourself , SphinUX OS has a decent balanced performance that is really powerful when it comes to a power user that has a lot of applications or tasks running at the same time.. And Here Comes The Breaking Point of SphinUX OS That it really Saves A lot of memory space that you can find it really obvious Compared To Other Operating Systems.

Security :

As Any UNIX Like Operating System .. You Should Not Care About Security Problems .

There are a lot of Points to talk about in SphinUX Operating System that i will Document it down in Coming Posts ..

Final Thoughts :

  • SphinUX is An Open Source Operating System So it doesn't Support for example Microsoft Office or any (.exe) Applications Yet It Supports Linux Debian Applications (More Than 60,000 Applications Available Around There).
  • SphinUX OS iso image is little big (2.4 GB) As it comes with all the Applications you might need in your daily life.
  • LSX Kernel Support 32/64 bit in one version .. Whaat?! .. Yes .. You Can Remove Your 32bit processor and install the 64bit processor without the need to rebuild your OS .
  • SphinUX is a whole new Operating System with a new kernel called LSX (lightning speed).

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Best Wishes Geeks :)


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