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How To Get The Classic Start Menu On Windows 8

After Nine Months Using Windows 8 and Communicating with New Windows 8 Users ....

Well , I know you are not used to the Windows 8 Metro Style User Interface.But, Thankfully, a completely free and open source solution to the start menu has been released. This solution is called the Classic Shell .

Although Microsoft took a huge risk in it’s adoption of a touch screen tablet on their desktops, it appears the momentum is not working in their favor. The classic shell has quickly become one of the most talked about open source applications. WHY? The usability of Windows 8 has very little to offer to the average desktop user who doesn’t possess a touch screen.(Some people doesn't possess a touch screen but still prefer the Metro UI).

Time will tell whether or not Windows 8 will survive the negative publicity. In either case, Technicals will continually push great free resources such as Classic Shell to their user base.
This is an invaluable resource for the technician who tires of dealing with Metro UI related inquiries.

One thing the Classic Shell software has done exceptionally is allow the user to customize the start menu to their specific operating system preference. The Classic Shell actually lets users choose between the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 classic start menu. This offers an opportunity for any user to get the most out of Windows 8 without the need for the new UI.

Let's Dive Into The Steps To Get the Classic User Interface for Windows 8 : 

  1. Download The Free Open Source Windows 8 Classic Start Menu
  2. Lunch The Classic Windows 8 UI Shell Installer.
  3. When The Installer Loads, Click Next To Begin The Installation.
  4. You will pass by Licencing Agreement ( I Recommend you to read it).
  5. Customize your Setup If you wish to , But for most Users , Default settings will do pretty great Job.
  6. If you are setting your Operating System to permit you before installation , Click YES.
  7. Wait for the Classic Shell to Complete Installation.
  8. Once Installation Complete , Click Finish.
  9. Click The New Classic Shell Start Menu To Set First Time Customization Settings.
  10. Choose The Start Menu You Wish to have from The Three Options ( Windows XP,Windows Vista , Windows 7).
  11. When Promoted to Approve Change in Skin Settings, Click YES.
  12. You Should Now Have Fully Customized Windows 8 Classic Start Menu Shell using the Classic Shell Open Source Solution.

Final Point:

There is no secret in keeping Such a method of getting a Classic Windows User Interface for your Windows 8 Operating System. Try Passing it to your friends and Share it with your family members.


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