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Steps To Create ASP.NET Web Application (C# Or VB)

Hello Geeks .. This Post Is about How To Create A Web Application Using Microsoft ASP.NET Technology ... We Will Write It In Steps .. And Well , The Way I will Explain in this post is not the only way You Can Create An ASP.NET Web Application .. It's Just My Way To Arrange Things So That I Won't Be Confused

Note : ASP.NET Is A Technology Not A Programming Language .. As In Web Applications You Use HTML , CSS , Java Script ,( C# Or VB ) , XML and A lot of Programming languages that each one of them do a specific Job . 

Well Let's Get Started ...

  1. Write Down What Exactly Your Website Should Do .. 
  2. Create HTML File That has All The Sections Of The Site For Example ( Headers,Navigators,Sections,Articles and Tables).

  3. Create A StyleSheet Form To Style Your Web Application ..

  4. Create A Web Service Form To Add The Services You Want Your Web Application To Perform ..
    I Uploaded A C# ASP.NET WebService That Perform Login,Register , Insert/Update/Delete Queries Here Is The Link : ASP.NET Web Service

  5. Create A Master Page To Be The Default View For All The pages Inside Your Website And put Inside It The Fields Of Your Web Form That You Want It To Be Applied To All The Pages.

  6. Create A Web User Control To Create The Mini Applications That Will Communicate With The Database Like : Login System , Register System , Change Password , Show Categories .. Etc ..

  7. Add Whatever Else You Need To Add To Your Web Application .. After You Achieved The Most Important Parts By Doing The Steps Above..

Here I Reach To The End Of my Little Article .. I hope It's Useful For You People .
Best Wishes Geeks :)

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