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C# Text To Speech Application Using WPF

Hello Geeks .. This is The First Project I'm Posting About C# WPF ( Windows Presentation Foundation ).
It is just a simple Project That Takes The Text You Write In A Text Box And Spell It by A Male Or Female Voice .. However You Want ..
At The End Of the Post You Will Find A Download Link For The Working Project With It's Source Code Uploaded To Media Fire .

Before You Run To Download The Project and Try it out I need you To Know How I Did It , So When You Are Planning To Implement The Code Yourself , You Wont Feel That I Did Something Magical Or Such .. :)

Steps To Create A TextToSpeech Application : 

  1. Open Visual Studio and Create A New Project From C# List Select WPF Windows Application.
  2. Design The Form by Adding Two Radio Buttons , TextBox and A Button.

  3. From The Project List Click On Add Reference

  4. Find From The List System.Speech

  5. Now Add The Namespace using System.Speech.Synthesis; 
  6. Create instance of Synthesis , Synthesis Sound = new Synthesis();
  7. Add This Code To The btnSpeak_Click Event
                if (RadioMale.IsChecked == true)
                { voice.SelectVoiceByHints(VoiceGender.Female); }

            catch (Exception ex)
Now Try It out and Have Fun :) 

Download The Full Project With Source Code : 

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Best Wishes Everybody :)


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