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Programming Languages Ranking | March 2015

When it comes to speak about programming languages ranking, It's not meant to say that this programming language is better than a corresponding programming language, It's just a ranking based on some statistics that has nothing to do with the powerfulness or weakness of a particular programming language.
Programming languages ranking March 2015

In february 2015 i wrote another commentary article on that issue and i mentioned a brief introduction to the R programming language and why it's showing up on the ranking lately. 

The index of the data showing the programming languages ranking is according to TIOBE for software quanlity.

Before heading off to speak about the ranking, I would like to point out that this rank is based on the amount of searches and content availiable on the web for each programming language, You can read the full definition of TIOBE index here.

TIOBE Programming languages ranking main table:

Mar 2015
Mar 2014ChangeLanguageRatingsChange
910changeVisual Basic .NET2.326%+0.46%
10-changeVisual Basic1.949%+1.95%
1315changeDelphi/Object Pascal1.154%+0.27%

I will no more comment about the fixed ranking of the C & Java programming language as they nearly doesn't change over time, sometimes C on top.. other times java on top, but after all .. one is the first and other is the second with a fine ending of the story .

As for javascript, with the continuous growth of web and mobile libraries based on javascript, it's a good enough reason to cause the traffic on searching and writing more documentation refering to the language which causes the continuous raise on the index.

F# is considered to be the hero of this month as being on rank 11 means a lot for the F# programming language and it's community because it never reached there before, but this has reasons for sure and one of those reasons might be the F# web framework "WebSharper" and surely other reasons .

If you read my last article about the issue which i refered to at the beginning of my post you will find out that the R programming language went down from being number 18 to be 20 but on the other hand, it was the 45th one year earlier, if you're following the Coursera community and courses and the other MOOCs communities, you would know the reason behind that which is that they started providing the R programming language and the data science field in an organized powerful way that made a lot of people subscribe to learn that field which caused the increase of documentation and searching for the task on the search engines .

Here i reach to the end of my post .. I hope you found it useful. Thank you.

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